Entrepreneurship Journey

Entrepreneurship has been a big part of my life ever since I was little. In elementary school, you could find me running my own imaginary business whether that was a cheeseburger making restaurant or a cake decorating service. As I got older, I started to sell jewelry I made and a few clothing pieces. Once COVID-19 hit and we were all home, I started to paint on my clothes more often. One of my favorite pieces that I created were my "rat pants" where I painted hairless rats on a pair of my jeans in memory of my previous hairless rat named Walter. This pair of pants was a catalyst in me starting to work on commissions for other people and taking my business seriously. Going to the University of Utah elevated my business to new heights and I have found a new love of entrepreneurship. 

However it has not always been easy, and one of my biggest struggles was monetizing something I loved. It has been hard for me to stay motivated to create new clothing pieces. Being a full-time student, it can be challenging to juggle everything. From homework to student leadership, finding time to work on my business has been a struggle. However, amongst the chaos I am fulfilled by doing what I love and creating art. From these experiences I have learned to be resilient and willing to learn. Every entrepreneur has to learn how to balance their schedule, and this skill has helped me to realize that I need to allocate time to be creative and take breaks for self-care. Through entrepreneurship, I have learned I’m more capable than I realized, and I can do anything I set my mind too.